Channel Letters

 Channel letters are three-dimensional, individual letters
or symbols often used in outdoor signage. They are made of metal or plastic and can be illuminated or non-illuminated. When illuminated, they emit light from within, creating a bold and eye-catching display that’s commonly used for business names and logos.

Reverse Lit Letters

Also known as halo-lit or backlit letters, reverse lit letters are individual sign elements with a unique illumination effect. These letters are mounted away from the wall, creating a halo of light that outlines their shape against the background. This subtle yet sophisticated approach adds a touch of elegance to signage.

Light Box Signage

Light boxes are flat, illuminated panels used for displaying graphics, logos, or promotional messages. They consist of a translucent front panel that houses LED or fluorescent lighting, which evenly illuminates the graphics from behind. Light box signage is versatile and often used indoors and outdoors for high visibility and readability.

Illuminated Signs